In Japan, it is often said that "In the past, neighborhood temple or a shrine were ‘the’ places to play."
Please, we invite you to come to Kotoku Temple and feel the Japanese culture.
‘I haven’t been in many temples, however this temple makes me feel at ease’ - Commented by many young people of this generation.
We invite you to come visit Kotoku Temple to enjoy the beautiful surrounding nature and take in the fresh air with wishes that it would freshen up your heart and soul.
A temple is a place for everyone, regardless of age and gender, a place to enjoy and visit at your own pace. Listen to the peaceful sound of water, calm your mind and have a conversation with Buddha at your own pace, at your own time.
We will continue to devote ourselves so everyone may have a warm and healing experience here at Kotoku Temple.

Chief Priest
AOKI Ryuko


Giving birth to countless Buddha’s, otherwise called the Mother of Buddha, In Japan Guanyin is worshiped for safe childbirth and child giving.
At Kotoku Temple Guanyin stands approximately 1m high and is 10m in size, with three eyes and eighteen hands, holding many different types of Buddhist tools in each hand, all to bring fortune to everyone who visits.

Information on the carp

The pond in the Temple is named 「放生池」-‘Houjyouchi’.
Each Japanese Kanji having a meaning, with「放-‘Hou’」 meaning release, 「生-‘Jyou’」 meaning life and 「池-‘chi’」meaning pond.
We humans, consume many lives on a daily basis.
In the pond of Houjyouchi, Koi are let to swim freely, so we may be able to appreciate life and give thanks to the life we consume.

Kotoku Temple Souvenir Ranking
Best 3

  • 1

    Onegai Jizo

    Make a wish and send it to Jizo, write down your wish on the backside of Jizo and keep it safe.


  • 2

    Draw-bag Amulet

    Kotoku temple, the mother of all Buddha is said to have divine powers for child giving and safe childbirth


  • 3

    Draw-bag Amulet

    Bhaiajya-guru heals illnesses, especially illnesses of the eye. This principal figure represents foresight, providing great luck in trade and businesses.



2-17 Tennoji-ku, Esashi-machi Tennoji-ku,
Osaka-shi, Osaka
TEL.06-6761-7040 FAX.06-6765-140

Tamatsukuri station is closest station.
10 min walk.